Women's Work / Who Run the World?

By The Betsy-South Beach (other events)

Saturday, December 1 2018 2:00 PM 3:30 PM

The Betsy - South Beach and Warehouse 4726 have partnered to bring together a diverse and dynamic group of women who are working quietly (or not so quietly) to create a space for themselves and their sisters in their respective fields. The days of the patriarchy are not yet over, but thankfully Miami is filled to the brim with incredibly talented and passionate women doing amazing things in our community; across disciplines, genres, neighborhoods, and generations.

  • Jean Blackwell Font: Warehouse 4726 (Host organization)
  • Najja Moon: BLCK Family, The Girls Lunch Box, Visual Artist
  • Carol Hoffman Guzman: Artist, Curator and Community Leader
  • Pam Mayer, Women's Writing Group and Open Writers' Group 
  • Rosie Gordon Wallace: Founder of Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, GMCVB Art of Black Consultant, Curator and Community Leader
  • Special Guest, Betsy Writer's Room Visiting Artist Nina Gale Olson, Visual Artist and Non-Profit Arts Administrator, Honorary Guerilla Girl

You are invited you to join the conversation with a circle of women changing our world. 

A note from the host: We recognize with gratitude the many enlightened, thoughtful and intelligent men that have contributed to the success of women and others in our community; this is just a moment in time for us to celebrate the women in our community who are paving the way for others to break in to an industry where they may have found resistance or obstacles. It’s all about love and empowerment for all creatives - all humans are encouraged to attend.

Mailing Address

1440 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139