Art Basel at The Betsy 2016

By The Betsy-South Beach (other events)

6 Dates Through Dec 03, 2016

The Betsy Exhibition Galleries 
Open starting Nov 30, 9 AM to 9 PM

Public Art 
See Betsy's new public art installations on Espanola Way between Collins Ave and Ocean Drive - The Betsy Orb and i Poeti - the work of 13 poets that shaped Miami.

No tickets necessary. Visit our hotel galleries during your visit to Miami Beach!

“The Betsy’s line up for Basel 2016 embraces global artists, past and present.  From Fay Lasner -  a feminist abstract expressionist with a neglected legacy, to Miamian Christopher Carter - whose multicultural heritage infuses our shared history with a quintessentially unique voice, to Eric Ginsberg who is wholly committed to art and accessibility when measuring how he uses his own brush to how he convenes artists to create together, to Ricardo Cavolo whose illustrations make serious content plain  - especially when illuminated in Betsy’s Bbar Light Boxes, to Robert Zuckerman, a Hollywood photographer who’s come home to share the power of portraits,  The Betsy Basel experience is powerful and inclusive, from top to bottom. It’s a microcosm of all that’s good about artists exhibiting work in a non traditional setting.” 

Dr. Leslie King Hammond, Senior Art Consultant for The Betsy Hotel, Author, Art Historian and Dean Emeritus of the Maryland Institute, College of Art.

Artist Line up For Art Basel at The Betsy, 2016:

Fay Lansner – USA – 1921-2010 ( In spite of her impressive record of more than 60 exhibitions, Fay Lansner’s name may be known to art historians who study mid-twentieth century American art, but it is also a name often omitted from the retrospective view of galleries and museums today. Perhaps this is because, stylistically, Fay did not adhere to the abstract expressionist precepts that dominated the 1950s and 60s. Though figurative imagery was eschewed by mid-century modernists, Fay pursued a personal aesthetic that grew out of her study of the female form. Reviews of (major) art publications during Fay’s most productive years include frequent mention and often extensive coverage of her work. Fay’s artistic legacy is one of a strong artist, a woman strong enough to remain true to her own principles throughout her long and prolific career. (Daphne Anderson Deeds) This show will be curated by art historian Dr. Leslie King Hammond in partnership with the Estate of Fay Lansner.

Christopher Carter – USA – B. 1966. Christopher Carter ( is a contemporary American artist and sculptor of African-American, Native-American Indian and European descent — born in New Mexico, grew up in Boston, Mass. and currently lives and works as a full-time artist in Miami, Florida.  The Betsy will be exhibiting elements of a larger exhibition entitled, “Growth of a Nation”, portions of which have been acquired for exhibition by the Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum.  Poet David Mills will collaborate with the artist in creating an audio companion experience to the exhibition. Mills is a Yale-educated poet and actor who is a 2-time alumnus of The Betsy’s Writers Room (

Ricardo Cavolo – SPAIN – B. 1982. Ricardo Cavolo ( is an emerging international visual artist and illustrator, coming to The Betsy in a special partnership with Centro Cultural Espana and under the auspices of The Betsy’s Escribe Aqui, a project funded in part by the John S. and James L, Knight Foundation’s Arts Challenge Program. Cavolo is equal parts artist and storyteller, weaving intricate narratives with detailed brush strokes and vibrant colors, layering the palette with emotion and depth. The collection on exhibition for Art Basel 2016 at The Betsy contains 26 curated images from a larger collection called ‘101 Musicians to Listen to Before You Die’.  A catalogue by the same name will be for sale.

Eric Ginsburg – Eric Ginsburg, ( a native of Washington, D.C., attended college at New York University (NYU), where he took his first painting class. Following graduation from Columbia University he began a dual career in NYC, as an artist, animal advocate, and organizer of like-minded artists. Eric’s collection of 12 ‘Dog’ Images will be exhibited at Betsy during Basel, underscoring the hotel’s commitment to animal welfare as a dog-friendly property that donates a portion of fees paid by guests bringing dogs to domestic and international animal rescue programs. Eric is also the creator and organizer of Fridge Fair – which will also find a home at The Betsy for Art Basel 2016.

Robert Zuckerman – B. 1955. - As a high profile photographer in the motion picture industry, Robert Zuckerman’s ( images are legendary. Whether on or off the set, his connection is to emotional content, to the feeling present in the subject and in the moment. Zuckerman has photographed countless weddings, family portraits, and pregnancy pictures – anything where there is spirit and love in the room, from the inner city to the mansions of Malibu.  His book Kindsight (Kindsight Press, LLC) is a collection of photographs and accompanying texts by Zuckerman illuminating the richness of everyday life encounters and experiences. From taxi and bus drivers to waitresses to plumbers to kids at a playground, Kindsight shows the extraordinary within the ordinary. Robert is currently a Distinguished Visiting Scholar in at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  Betsy’s exhibition of Robert’s work during Basel embraces the property’s commitment to the written word, with a collection called, “Portraits of Poets”, with many of the works shot on property over the past five years, yet also including legacy poetic figures like Alan Ginsburg and Maya Angelou that are part of the artist’s archive.



The Betsy is proud to unveil a public art piece created as part of its expansion into the (former) historic Carlton Hotel, exponentially expanding the property’s footprint for public programming in arts and culture. I Poetti is an installation of poetry – etched into metal by water jets - by 13 poets who shaped Miami literature to include diverse, historic, and contemporary voices, such as Langston Hughes, Donald Justice, Mohamed Ali, Campbell McGrath, Julie Marie Wade, and Hyam Plutzik, the three-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize who was the father of Betsy owner, Jonathan Plutzik. Collaborating designers on the piece were the firm of Allan Schulman, graphic designer, Kevn Coster. and the staff arts and culture team at The Betsy-South Beach.

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